Principles and Organization of Activities

Initially the company was founded as a company for expert advisory and design activities.

For each task an individual team is formed, depending on the project site specifications. This is required by the desire of the company to participate in resolving a wide range of tasks from architectural and engineering practices. This approach gave its positive results, which gives us a reason to keep it as our style of work.

Our main purpose is to provide our clients with a quality service to pay for with pleasure!

Since 2002, LUPO ENGINEERING LTD is able to carry out construction of residential and administrative facilities as well as the adjacent streets, alleys, parks and green areas.

LUPO ENGINEERING LTD is a successor of RID Sole Trader (established 1990) and RID Sole Trader – Stefan Tsanev, in accordance with the amendments to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Company data
LUPO ENGINEERING LTD is registered with the decision of the Sofia City Court, date 03.01.2001, file No 14618/2000, business activity - engineering and design, production and transfer of automated systems and their components, construction, expert advisory activities as well as any other commercial activity permitted by law.
The company is managed and represented by the owner engineer Stefan Dimitrov Tsanev.
Bulstat 130 461 965
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